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We are proud sponsors of American Ninja Warrior athlete Brian Arnold! Here are some training tips we have for aspiring ninjas.

Ninjas need holding power! Using grippers to train your crush:

Ideally you need a warm-up, working and challenge gripper. Our example uses the HG150, HG200 and HG250, but there are other strengths. Get HG (Heavy Grips) grippers here >


Suggested Exercises and Gym Tips

  • Warm-up gripper (HG150) for sets and reps, such as 3 sets of 10.
  • Working gripper (HG200) for timed holds. Pinch anything (quarter, pen, playing card) between the handles and try to keep it from falling. Do about 5 holds for 10-20 seconds each.
  • Challenge gripper (HG250) for max crush attempts. Give it hell and try to make the handles touch. (If they don’t touch, then it’s not closed!)
  • Chalk helps everything. Apply climbing chalk liberally.
  • Use a small towel with any pulling motion in the gym, such as pull-ups, any cable machine or farmer’s walks.


Written by MATT CANNON — September 03, 2015

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