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Here is a collection of some of our favorite articles on grip strength, featuring all the whys and hows of building incredible, superhuman grip strength.

Bryan Krahn advises us to "Get a Grip!"

"Do not spend another day floundering through life with skinny, dorky forearms."

David Dellanave tells us to "Improve Your Crush"

"Grip training may actually be the highest payoff training you will ever do."

 Bret Contreras talks grip with Adam T. Glass

"Take any person and make their hands even 15% stronger and we see a much larger output of strength from them. The hands are always the limiting factor in strength."

Jedd Johnson on training "A Grip Like a Vice"

"It may not make sense to you right off the bat to take time to train the hands and lower arms while at the gym. I know when I first learned about it, it seemed like a complete waste of time to spend valuable training time on less than 5% of your body, but the truth of the matter is having a strong grip pays many dividends both in your training and elsewhere."

Mighty Joe Musselwhite with a comprehensive grip training program

"When it comes to increasing one's crushing strength or supporting strength then thick-bar training is king."

American Ninja Warrior contestant Brian Arnold gives grippers a try

Matt Cannon Ask Me Anything on Grip Training Reddit

Maria Bascetta on Women's Grip Strength

"Grip is undoubtedly one of most under appreciated components of being strong. And that’s too bad because it can affect everything."

Written by MATT CANNON — October 06, 2015

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