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We just spoke with Warren Tetting and learned that he has been away from his shop for a little over a week recovering from knee trouble.

Meanwhile, the popularity of the Warren Tetting line is in full effect!  We are mostly sold out of all extended handles, the Elite, and Mash Monster Level 1 replicas.  Warren was optimistic about being back in the shop by Friday. 

To complicate matters, Warren's steel supplier has not shipped .312 wire.  Warren said he was going to "call and jack him up again".  His words, and sounds like he means business! 

Please bear with us as we do our best to stock the Warren Tetting collection given these extenuating circumstances.  The store software will not sell you a gripper that is out of stock, so all successful orders will be shipped.  We apologize in advance if you happen to get a message that something is out of stock. 

Written by MATT CANNON — July 31, 2012

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