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Warren Tetting grippers have historically been unique for a really specific reason: Pinned handles.  Warren has been hinting for a while that pinning all his gripper handles is too much work to keep up with demands.  He has been researching and testing different glues and it sounds like he is close to putting these into production.  One thing is certain--If a glue is approved by Warren Tetting, then you know it’s some serious glue.

So what will change?  Right now it sounds like the standard gripper line only will be glued.  Warren feels that when assembling the Mash Monster replicas, he will need to continue to pin the handles to ensure the level of precision required to hit specific mounts within a fraction of an inch.  Extended handles could go either way.

Timing on this change is unclear, but it sounds pretty certain that Warren is eventually heading this direction.  So far, we have not received any glued handles in our deliveries.  Once we do, product pages will be updated so it’s clear what is in stock.     

Written by MATT CANNON — August 23, 2012

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