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Here are some updates from our last visit with Warren:

* Handles will still be pinned while Warren searches for a glue. He has not found one that he considers satisfactory.  

* Warren commented that extended handles will be smooth aluminum as soon as possible. The only issue with steel is that it takes forever to drill the handles.

* Help has arrived for Warren to aide in the production process. Of all the gripper brands, Warren's are the closest to being literally "handmade" and they will show this manual labor from the manufacturing process.  Consider it part of the trade dress. 

* Finally, we've noticed that ratings for Tetting grippers are trending lower. We've seen many Super Masters below 120, Grand Masters below 140 and Elites below 160.  If this continues to be the norm instead of the exception, then we will consider updating the published averages on the product photos. 

Written by MATT CANNON — October 04, 2012

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