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In the scope of our store, we feel that the best representation for the difficulty as compared to a standard CoC gripper is to align the strap with the middle of the gripper handle. Remember that IronMind has different manufacturer ratings.  

As an example, if you rate a Zenith #3 at the end of the handle, the rating is well below 100 pounds. By aligning the strap with the trade dress in the middle of the handle, the rating goes to about 125 pounds. When closed in the hand, we feel this is a good estimation of the required closing power as compared to our other ratings. As with all gripper ratings, this is just a single data point which estimates strength. This also solves another problem of safety.  When using the end of the handle, the strap easily glides right off the end of the revolutionary barrel-shaped handle. It stays put in the middle much better.  

Written by MATT CANNON — January 19, 2013

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