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CPW Hybrid Grippers

Effective February 15th, 2015 Warren Tetting has announced his retirement which means THOR Strength Equipment will be shutting its doors and all Tetting grippers will be discontinued.  Warren's contribution to the gripper community cannot be summed up easily, but the word "legendary" comes to mind.  We are forever grateful to Warren and the legacy he has built.  This announcement rather caught us by surprise and our small remaining inventory has been updated.  Prices reflect the sudden collector status the few remaining grippers hold.


An exclusive gripper made by Tetting. The CPW Hybrid gripper solves a common complaint that thin-handled grippers place too much pressure in the palm or fingers. The standard handle provides comfort for the palm or fingers while the 5/8" handle allows you to train beyond the normal range. This gripper can be held either way as needed. It's the best of both worlds.


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