Narrow GGX

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Narrow Grip Genie X

When a batch of especially narrow grippers was delivered to Grip Genie, we saw an opportunity to offer a unique training tool!

Cannon PowerWorks has removed the original gripper stamps and replaced with an "X" in order to distinguish from their regular counterparts. The resulting narrow GGX grippers are offered here exclusively and at a sweet discount! 

  • All options are pre-rated and come with a tag!
  • Unique red lacquer-filled "X" stamps
  • Average spread is about 2-1/4" (57 mm) with lower ratings trending slightly more narrow and higher ratings slightly wider
  • Narrow stance is supremely comfortable for volume work

Most ratings have multiples, but the best numbers will go fast!

* Some Grip Genie grippers have noticeable spring gaps. This cosmetic detail has no effect on functionality.