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Rate and Return

Send us grippers from your personal collection to be rated for strength and labeled. Learn more about our gripper rating service. Domestic return shipping is included in the price.  (International email for price.)


Step 1: Select the number of ratings for grippers you will ship to us. Some adjustable or very heavy grippers cannot be rated. When in doubt, email us at before you ship.


Step 2: Please specify which color tag you would like for each gripper in the order notes at checkout. If you don't specify, we will make a selection. The color choices are green, blue, gold, red, pink, silver, purple and black. Also now orange, turquoise and yellow!


Step 3: Please ship your grippers to:

Cannon PowerWorks
11353 Parkside Trail N
Dayton, MN 55369


Step 4: We will rate and label your grippers and ship them back with tracking information.

ship grippers loose in a bag or box.  If any parts of the handles and springs can touch, they will get scuffed and ruined during shipping.  We recommend to wrap each gripper individually in something like heavy paper or bubble wrap.  Honesty, even newspaper and tape goes a long way.


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