Rolling Thunder

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Not just a favorite among the world's leading strongmen and gripsters, the Rolling Thunder is a tool of first choice for everyone from arm wrestlers to rock climbers. The thick-handled one-hand deadlift is a 20th century archetypal test of grip strength and the Rolling Thunder Deadlift is now a grip competition staple worldwide.

The current Rolling Thunder world records are:

Men: Alexey Tyukalov at 150.5 kg (331.85 lb.) on 27 July 2013
Women: Ludmilla Gaiduchenko at 77.2 kg (170.2 lb.) on 22 September 2012

How do you compare? If you can do:

125 lb. - average
185 lb. - accomplished
250 lb. - world-class


7-1/2" in length (rotating portion is 6" in length); 2-3/8" in diameter.


Consider pairing with the Barrel Strength Systems loading pin