Mash Monster Replicas

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True Warren Tetting Mash Monster Replicas

  • Now for sale individually. Use drop-down to select.
  • Warren Tetting Mash Monster Replicas in 'like new' condition
  • These vintage grippers are out of production and were Warren Tetting made Mash Monster replicas true to the specifications of the original grippers used for The GripBoard certification.
  • Each gripper will come with a black fabric storage pouch.

Choices include:

  • sold 155 MM1 (Elite at a 1/4" mount)
  • sold 156 MM2 (Elite at a 3/16" mount)
  • sold 170 MM3 (Super Elite at a 1/4" mount)
  • 180 MM4 (Super Elite at a 3/16" mount)
  • 174 MM5 (Grand Elite at a 1/4" mount)
  • sold 185 MM6 (Grand Elite at a 3/16" mount)
  • sold 191 MM7 (Grand Elite at a 1/8" mount)
  • sold 195 MM8 (Grand Elite at a 1/16" mount)
  • sold 222 MM9 (Pro at a 5/16" mount)
  • sold 236 MM10 (Pro at a 1/4" mount)

These replicas are lucky to feature ratings that are very near the known difficulty of the actual grippers. Exceptions to note: The MM2 is slightly lower than the actual certification gripper which is estimated to be around 160. Also the MM4 and MM5 grippers show the downside of how Warren built replicas based on specs alone. However, if swapped in usage, the 174 and 180 ratings are excellent placeholders for MM4 and MM5. 

Own a piece of history.  

*These are used grippers offered as an extension of our Used Gripper selection. Contact with questions.