Cannon PowerWorks

Spectrum CPW 210

The Spectrum by Baraban line of grippers was designed exclusively for Cannon PowerWorks by Robert Baraban, known for producing some of the finest boutique grippers in the world from his home base in Austria. This collection is an opportunity to essentially customize your own gripper by choosing the exact rating and color combination you like.

  • Each gripper strength level is offered in an array of shiny, eye-popping colors, and features a natural polished spring.
  • The handles are 20 mm in diameter versus the standard 19 mm diameter American gripper handles.
  • Each gripper comes pre-rated and tagged as only we do, so you can fill in any gaps in your gripper collection by selecting the exact strength you need.*

*Except those denoted as unrated; rating service can be added if desired.

Note that the product title is simply a ranking or name given to the grippers by Baraban; it does not denote the strength required to close the gripper. The Cannon PowerWorks rating of each gripper is listed in the drop down selection. The Spectrum by Baraban line is sold in limited quantities at this time. 


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