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AHHH!!! World's Strongest Smelling Salts

Strength and fitness sensation Jujimufu has created the world’s strongest smelling salts product! He says, "Have my competitors really been this lazy?! YES THEY HAVE! There was definitely room for improvements! And no, we didn’t just stuff more smelling salts in a bigger bottle, AHHH!!! uses a more sophisticated formulation that’s better than everything else out there."

  • Largest bottle size means a huge bottle opening which is the main method of delivery.
  • Most raw materials of all bottled ammonia products on the market, again facilitated by the huge bottle. 
  • Most sophisticated formula, meaning there are more of those ammonia stuffed compounds as well as the high quality, raw chemical compounds that actually react to create new ammonia vapor.

Please read the entire smelling salts FAQ. 

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