Awesome Smelling Salts

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AWESOME SALTS! Get ready to hit some PRs and have some fun! If you’re a first-time ammonia smelling salts user, then these are the smelling salts for you!

These are the smelling salts the amazing strength and fitness sensation Jujimufu uses and endorses. Here's what he has to say about them: 

What’s actually inside the bottle?

A magic genie.

Shut up. What’s inside the bottle?

Smelling salt crystals that have a super strong smell.

What do they smell like?


What are smelling salts?

Smelling salts are chemically stuffed compounds (stuffed with ammonia in this case) used to regain an alert state of mind and/or enhance performance.

Please read the entire smelling salts FAQ. 

Which intensity level is right for you?