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This ultimate grip training tool is adjustable, spanning across an impressive range of strengths

The Robert Baraban adjustable offers a variety of resistances to train crushing grip strength in rep ranges from heavy singles to higher-rep sets. This one tool can revolutionize your grip training.

  • Heavy-duty black powder-coated steel
  • Sharply knurled handles
  • Designed to more closely mimic a torsion spring gripper
  • Comes with two springs of different resistances, each one offering 19 settings
  • Use both springs for even more challenging strengths!

As always, we have you covered with ratings!

The lighter spring allows the gripper to cover a range of ratings from about 25 to 115 pounds. The heavier spring allows the gripper to cover a range of ratings from about 60 to 250 pounds.  (Click here to learn more about CPW ratings.)


RB Adjustable is not compatible with Rating or Filing Services. 



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