Braced Bending

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This instructional DVD will show you how to destroy everything in your path.


Destroy everything around the house from frying pans to steel bars to horseshoes and wrenches. Diesel Crew's Jedd Johnson and Mike Rinderle team up once again to bring you everything you need to know on how to do odd object bending like a champion. If you've ever seen a strongman doing amazing feats of strength like bending steel bars, rolling up frying pans and folding wrenches in half, and wanted to learn how to do it yourself, this nearly two-hour DVD is for you. It will arm you with the knowledge to take down elite feats of strength one by one.


Learn technical aspects of braced bending, such as how to warm up and prevent injury so you'll be destroying big steel for years and years, plus learn about the types of wraps and padding you will need to perform these amazing feats of strength. Jedd and Mike will walk you through the types of braced bends and show you the best techniques and secrets to bending short, medium and long bars, as well as several different kinds of odd objects, such as spikes, horseshoes, frying pans and wrenches. Receive instruction on the three distinct phases of bending, which include the kink, sweep and crush. Plus, learn what bending-specific strength workout you can do to train your body to be a beast in the specific planes of motion you will be moving through when performing these impressive feats of strength. 


IN ADDITION, Carl Ansara, the #1 ranked short and mid-length bar bender, drew up a special bonus instructional layout presentation covering the fine details of his technique so you can bend just like him. 


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