Crushed to Dust Package

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Take on the Crushed to Dust Challenge from IronMind!

The Crushed to Dust Challenge is extended to all comers as a way to standardize and measure grip prowess in a well-rounded group of tests. To meet the challenge and be certified, you must do all three of the following in an official contest according to the rules:

  • close a Captains of Crush No. 2 gripper
  • lift 45 lb. on an IronMind Hub
  • lift 200 lb. on the Rolling Thunder Deadlift Handle

This set includes the equipment you will need.

How can you participate? Find a Crushed to Dust Challenge and jump in. If you meet the challenge, you will be added to the list of certified CTD Masters and you'll receive a certificate and a T-shirt proving to the world that you're a grip force to be reckoned with. Rules and guidelines are available at