Industrial Strength Grip, Volume 2

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Dramatically strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms fast.


Instructor Adam T. Glass will teach you how to build devastating grip strength in this extensive DVD. Adam is an Elite Grip Sport athlete with multiple world records and a talented personal trainer who knows how to motivate and get results.  

Industrial Strength Grip, Volume 2 includes the following sections:

  • Grippers: Learn about which grippers to buy, how to train efficiently and avoid injury and how to break through plateaus.
  • Pinch: It's not all about the thumbs! Learn dynamic exercises that maximize your time, proper set-up and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Challenge Lifts: Conquer the Inch Dumbbell! Learn dumbbell exercises that build explosive power and a lock-tight grip.  
  • Thick-bar Training: Axle lifting dominance. Learn how to fix errors, choose the right stance and make huge gains in this crucial lift.
  • The Forgotten Lifts: A collection of rugged, hardcore lifts that will make your back, arms and wrists bulletproof.
  • Card Tearing: Simply the the coolest feat of hand strength. Technique, positioning and training progression from the master!
Train the exercises you learn at the gym or in your home. Build a foundation for amazing feats of strength. Prevent elbow and wrist injuries. Add size to your back, arms and forearms. Push the limits of what you thought was possible! 
Industrial Strength Grip Volume 2 gives you the very best grip movements in the world with a detailed breakdown of each lift from multiple camera angles. There is no better resource on the market.