Introduction to Strongman Training

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Fortify your strength, toughness, technique and mental game with this strongman instructional video.

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Learn the basic techniques of the most common and beneficial events in the sport of strongman. With this video, you can be confident you are being taught proper form and mechanics by two great strongman teachers, Jedd Johnson and Steve Slater who have more than 20 years of Strongman Experience between them.

If you are serious about getting results in the gym, strongman training is ideal for you. You'll build more strength, carry heavier loads, increase speed, add repetitions and learn more challenging implements. You'll learn how to be tougher and tolerate more hardcore training. Your grip strength will explode, your forearms will blow up, your hands will toughen like leather, and your fingers and thumbs will become like lethal weapons. Plus, the strength and skills you develop apply directly to athletic sports performance and the real world.

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