The KTA Program

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Develop a devastating crushing grip!

The KTA Program is the first comprehensive program developed specifically for closing hand grippers and improving crushing strength. This is an advanced program for individuals who already have a good base of grip strength and tolerance for grip workouts.   

This revolutionary eBook was developed by Captain of Crush Bill Piche of The GripBoard. All proceeds help support The GripBoard and the grip community. 

The principles taught in this eBook have helped countless individuals realize their full crushing potential. Many went on to certify for the prestigious IronMind and Mash Monster programs.  

What you get with purchase of The KTA Program

  • The KTA Program downloadable eBook
  • Access to the KTA discussion forum at The GripBoard where you can start a training log, ask questions, read other user experiences and more. 
  • Downloadable eBook contents include:

Forward by Rick Walker: KTA Explained
The Basic Principles
Gripper Selection
Gripper Technique
The Overcrush
The Straphold 
The Negative Crush
Dynamic Thumb Strength
Side Effects and Hand Therapy 
Program Phases and Specifics

System requirements and restrictions

  • Windows PC operating system with Windows Media Player required. Cannot be downloaded or viewed on other operating systems including mobile devices. 
  • Only one eBook download is possible per purchase.
  • Program must be viewed on the PC used to download. It is not possible to transfer, print or otherwise share the program after initial download. 

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