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Tetting "Beef Builder" #2

Sold out.

Rare Warren Tetting Transition Gripper

Many may know that Warren Tetting originally made the earliest IronMind grippers. After IronMind brought production in-house, Warren primarily sold his line through a website called Weightlifter's Warehouse. There he renamed the brand "Beef Builder" and for a short period kept the 1, 2, 3, 4 numbering.

This offering is a Beef Builder #2 from that late 90s transition time period. Shortly after, Warren also rebranded the gripper names to the ubiquitous Beginner, Advanced, Super Advanced, etc. This level became the "Master" in that series. 

Although assuredly out there, in all our years specializing in grippers we have never seen another of these vintage transition grippers.


  • 110 Tetting Beef Builder #2
  • Black fabric storage pouch
  • Spring is in perfect condition
  • Handles are in "Fair condition" and exhibit wear consistent with age
  • Top-of-handle bevel has a unique stepped detail not found on later handles

A true collector's item. 

*This is a used gripper offered as an extension of our Used Gripper selection. Contact with questions.