MM2 Replica

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All Mash Monster grippers are now pre-rated. Choose the exact strength you want from the drop-down. Since springs vary we feel a good replica will favor a close match in difficulty rather than exact specifications such as mounting depth.  

  • Cannon PowerWorks EXCLUSIVE!
  • Average rating: 165 lbs
  • Custom stamped Elite with 3/16" mount
  • Official replica of the original Mash Monster Certification gripper
  • Rating is already included in the price
  • Drilled and pinned handles
  • Made in the USA
Mash Monster grippers are custom Warren Tetting grippers made to replicate the original GripBoard certification grippers. The GripBoard Mash Monster certification is unique because every athlete at each level has closed the exact same gripper. These replicas offer you a chance to prepare for certification or test your strength against the athletes who are officially Mash Monster Certified!