Nail Bending: How to Melt Steel With Your Bare Hands

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Develop hand strength so powerful with this 90 minute instructional video that you'll feel like the creator and destroyer of worlds.

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Get a complete technical demonstration of the three major bending techniques, as well as information on strength building, injury prevention and more. Jedd Johnson, grip athlete and previous world record holder in the two-hand pinch lift and an IronMind Certified Red Nail Bender, will show you how to bend a Grade 5 bolt in 30 days or less. 

This 90-minute video covers technical material from wrapping techniques to bending techniques that allow for maximum force production and the quickest route to bending prowess. It also includes instruction on strength training to skyrocket your bar bending brawn. Plus, learn why 90% of new benders fail to finish their bends and learn how to squeeze even the most stubborn of tempered steel pieces down with your mighty grasp.

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