Cannon PowerWorks

Narrow Tetting Set

Exceedingly rare custom narrow Warren Tetting grippers 

  • A one-time offering of a 6 gripper bundle
  • Average spread is 2.2 inches (56 mm)
  • Each gripper comes with a black fabric storage pouch
  • Desirable ratings at each level including exceptionally uncommon 135 and 160 ratings. 

6 gripper set includes:

  • 66 lbs rated Tetting Super Advanced with 2.14" spread
  • 92 lbs rated Tetting Master with 2.24" spread
  • 107 lbs rated Tetting Super Master with 2.30" spread
  • 118 lbs rated Tetting Grand Master with 2.13" spread
  • 135 lbs rated Tetting Elite with 2.15" spread
  • 160 lbs rated Tetting Super Elite with 2.27" spread

Own a rare piece of history. Priced at $250/ea.

*These are used grippers offered as an extension of our Used Gripper selection. Contact with questions.