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Adjust to the future

Cannon PowerWorks is proud to offer this exclusive set of adjustable grippers. Two interchangeable handles can be swapped among three strengths of springs. Standard Silver [Ag], Iron [Fe] and Tungsten [W] springs are fitted with aluminum barrels, which make a uniform and universal fit for the handles. Finally, the spring legs are pre-marked to achieve four mounting depths of known estimated ratings.    

Included in the set

  • Two universal handles with set screws
  • 3/32" wrench
  • Three universal springs: Standard Ag, Fe and W

Estimated ratings

Standard springs will be reliably near enough these rating estimates to be useful in training. Rating Service can be added, but it only makes sense to rate the flush mount and then the increments will always be consistent based on that starting number. Add the Rating Service once for each spring you would like rated.  

More universal spring strengths and swappable handles (such as extended and filed) will be available in the future!  

Standard Adjustable Handles

Standard Adjustable Springs


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