Stone Lifting Fundamentals

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Learn the ultimate form of odd object training and build incredible strength with the definitive resource on stone lifting from the Diesel Crew.


This DVD covers everything you need to know to safely add stone lifting to your training repertoire. Designed to benefit strongman competitors looking for an edge, strength coaches needing the best information and strength enthusiasts wanting an extra challenge, the DVD cover the basics of stone lifting as well as advanced stone training techniques. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Warm-up
Chapter 2: Stone Basics
Chapter 3: The Stance
Chapter 4: The Grasp
Chapter 5: Grip & Lap
Chapter 6: Loading Phase
Chapter 7: Common Questions
Chapter 8: Returning the Stone
Chapter 9: Placing the Stone
Chapter 10: Special Considerations
Chapter 11: Stone Variations
Chapter 12: Other Starting Positions
Chapter 13: Gym Lifts
Chapter 14: Max Effort Lifting
Chapter 15: Clean-up


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