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Tetting Extendeds

Sold out.

True Warren Tetting Collectables

  • A one-time offering of a 5 gripper bundle
  • Warren Tetting aluminum extended handles in 'like new' condition
  • These vintage grippers are out of production and were uncommon at these strengths even when in production
  • The smooth aluminum extended handles were always hand-made by Warren and look the part. Length varies but is generally about 7-1/2". Bevels were grinded by hand.

5 gripper set includes:

  • 173 Elite
  • 213 Super Elite
  • 213 Grand Elite
  • 268 Pro
  • 290 World Class

The Super Elite and Grand Elite just happened to have the same rating. The Pro and World Class are exceptionally rare. 

Own a piece of history. Priced at $200/ea for the Pro and World Class, $150/ea for the Elite, Super Elite and Grand Elite.

*These are used grippers offered as an extension of our Used Gripper selection. Contact with questions.