Tetting Steel Extended Handle

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A Warren Tetting Classic 

Warren produced extended handle grippers for guys who wanted to train braced negatives. The durable steel handle could be inserted into a hole in a power rack, fencepost, tree, anywhere. With the advantage of body weight to force the gripper shut, you could then squeeze and hold on for dear life. It's a harrowing way to train, not for the beginner or faint of heart.

Based on how the grippers were used, the smooth steel handles will typically bear the marks of acute stress. These handles are buttery smooth and free of such imperfections. It is possible they have actually not been used. Each rated gripper comes with a solid brass tag.  

Handle lengths vary but are roughly 8 to 9 inches. Warren was known to outsource aluminum fabrication, but did steel himself. He would cut the steel to length and use a grinder to put on any kind of bevel that struck his fancy. These examples vary delightfully in that manner.   

Own a handmade masterpiece.