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This gripper is adjustable!

Build dominating grip strength with the ultimate revolution in adjustable grippers. Silvis Dinosaur Hunter grippers have two set screws in each handle, which allow the mounting depth to be adjusted to a wide range of strengths.  

  • Average high rating: 105 lbs
  • Average low rating: 85 lbs
  • Low rating taken at 1/2" mount
  • More narrow 2.25" spread
  • Laser-etched gripper handle ends
  • Allen wrench included

NEW *** Preset Rating Service
We now have an option to receive your Silvis Adjustable gripper preset to the rating of your choice. The number you pick must fall between the average high and low ratings listed above.

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One Silvis Dinosaur Hunter gripper can typically replace at least three regular grippers, and you can adjust to any strength in between. Our high rating is about as hard as the gripper can get, and the low rating was taken at 1/2" mount. It would be possible to adjust the gripper even easier, but we don't recommend more than a 1/2" mount so there is still the proper amount of spring length left in the handle.

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