Grip Genie should be on your wish list.

Grip Genie should be on your wish list.

Here’s why:
  • Services hard-to-fill gaps in gripper strength progression.
  • 18 mm handle size unlocks actual gripper cheat codes.
  • Colored handles are refreshing and durable.

Any mentions of a genie easily send the imagination to a certain affable street rat and his magical friend shackled by incandescent incarceration. However, Grip Genie is actually a retro video game reference to an add-on that allowed you to cheat on your favorite games. Enter a simple cheat code and your character instantly had infinite lives, the ability to fly or a massive strength boost. Similarly, Grip Genie offers grip strength cheat codes to unlock magical grip enhancements.
Services hard-to-fill gaps in gripper strength progression

There are known “dead zones” in the gripper strength progression at 115, 140 and 190 lbs. (Read more about ratings here.) Grip Genie immediately offered solutions to that problem with Grip Genie Levels 4, 5 and 6. While the grippers vary like any other (which is a good thing because it provides incremental resistance opportunities), any help at these ranges is welcome. Gripsters have been in a desert wishing for this coverage.

18 mm handle size unlocks actual gripper cheat codes

A Grip Genie gripper in the closed position has a total handle width of 1.44” or about 36 mm. This is compared to IronMind or GHP at 1.50” or about 38 mm in the closed position. This extra range of motion unlocks one of the most beneficial gripper training secrets: beyond-the-range training. The general idea is that putting tons of reps on a Grip Genie gripper will move your peak crushing ability to a tighter range of motion. When you go back to IronMind or GHP, you’ll have more crush left in the tank when the gripper is shut.

Colored handles are refreshing and durable

Let’s be honest: the colors are also rad. Coating aluminum with a colorized, protective oxide layer is called anodizing. We learned with our SPECTRUM line that anodized knurling can be fragile. It doesn’t take much to knock off the sharp tip of the diamond-shaped texture and expose shiny aluminum underneath. Grip Genie has hit the sweet spot with knurling that is sharp enough to have bite, but also an anodized layer that resists some wear and tear.

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