Cannon PowerWorks


Whether you simply want to improve your grip strength for climbing or lifting, or are a serious grip athlete, you have come to the right place. We sell all the best grippers and grip strength equipment from around the world. Cannon PowerWorks is the only retailer to sell IronMind Captains of Crush (CoC) and Zenith, Warren Tetting, Gillingham High Performance (GHP), Manus, Silvis and exclusive Mash Monster grippers all in one place, allowing you to start or complete your collection of grippers with one simple order and one shipping fee.

Also, Cannon PowerWorks is the only retailer that offers an affordable service to rate the strength of your 
grippers before shipping, giving you the information you need for optimal training. As part of our rating 
service, we include a rating tag to identify the strength, or weight, of your specific gripper.

Our business is built around convenience and savings for our customers. We have a passion for grip 
strength training and have the best customer service around. We would love to answer any questions. E-mail us at:


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