Ratings Data

Cannon PowerWorks was founded in 2012 and all these years later we have a staggering amount of ratings data!   

The chart below shows consolidated data for thousands of actual gripper ratings taken by Cannon PowerWorks. Only ratings of brand new, un-filed grippers are included. 

AVERAGE The typical rating you can expect for each level
#Avg The number of grippers which hit the average
Mode The rating which occurred most often
#Mode The number of grippers which hit the mode
MIN The lowest rating recorded for each level
MAX The highest rating recorded for each level
±2% The percentage of grippers within 2% of the average rating
Total number of grippers rated at each level    

Updated April 2024. More than 17,100 grippers rated!

How strong are your hands?

The average, athletic person can usually close a gripper rated 60 to 80 lbs. If you are new to strength training, have never done manual labor or simply suspect your grip is a weak link then the number is possibly closer to 35 to 55 lbs.   


What is a rating?

This can be difficult to answer! Manufacturers will assign a poundage rating to their grippers, which is meant to represent the difficulty. However, each manufacturer arrives at this number in a different way making it impossible to compare numbers between brands.

Cannon PowerWorks uses a simple rating method that allows for meaningful comparison between any two grippers. We hang weight over the handles until the gripper is closed. The pounds required to make the handles touch is the rating, or the strength required to close the gripper. All ratings reported in our store are our own.  


What gripper should I get?

For the easiest possible answer, check out our Starting Sets here

At minimum, it's nice to have three grippers: one you can rep, one that is difficult yet possible, and a goal gripper.

You can easily find grippers to suit your ability by using the strength levels on the homepage to find all grippers at those levels (Training, Advanced, or Elite). Or you can search for your target rating. For example, searching the site for "135" will return any grippers that may be near this rating.

Feel free to contact us for recommendations on what to order! Email: info@cannonpowerworks.com


Can I get my grippers rated?

Yes! Cannon PowerWorks will rate your actual grippers prior to shipping. The service costs $5 per gripper and includes the following:
  • Oiling and cleaning the spring
  • 30+ full closes
  • Anodized aluminum color ID tag stamped with the actual rating
Please note that grippers must be removed from the package for rating. To get your grippers rated, simply add the rating service to your cart along with your grippers. If you want to get three grippers rated, you would add the rating service at a quantity of three.


Why no decimals on the rating?

We do not feel this level of accuracy is possible in any relevant or repeatable way.  We only use whole number increments in pounds.  

The margin of error inherent in the rating process completely negates this level of precision. Some factors which contribute to margin of error are: strap condition, strap placement, gripper spring condition, and even our own judgment of when the gripper is closed.   

The good news is that accuracy beyond whole numbers is not necessary. Having a rated gripper about every 5 pounds is a realistic jump in strength that you can feel in your hand. A 5 pound difference will also get you comfortably outside the margin of error to ensure the next gripper is different enough to be useful in your training.  

Email info@cannonpowerworks.com with any questions about the rating process.  We love discussing our obsession with grippers.