What if you could only have ONE gripper?

What if you could only have ONE gripper?

If you are new to grippers, which one to start with can be a daunting decision. But, there is an easy recommendation we would give to anyone regardless of fitness level or experience with grippers.

Get an IronMind Trainer.

Starting with an IronMind Trainer will instantly reveal many things about your strength level and point to the other grippers that could serve you the best.  

If the gripper feels difficult to close:
The IronMind Trainer is uniquely positioned as a conquerable challenge. Think of it like a 5K run. Even if you're not a runner, you can train for a 5K in a few weeks simply by starting to run. If you open the package and find this gripper difficult, then you have an approachable and very doable challenge ahead. Also, we believe you can safely progress to close the Trainer by working out with the Trainer. This is not possible at higher levels. Partial reps will quickly lead to full reps. Consider our Beginner Set for future purchases. 

If you can rep the gripper:   
Maybe your IronMind Trainer arrives and you can put a few reps on it right away. Congratulations, you have a stronger crushing grip than the average dude. Being capable of a few reps is the sweet spot because you are immediately ready for a simple workout. Start with 4-6 sets of the few reps you can manage. Volume will build quickly and condition your hands for whatever is next. Consider our Intermediate Set when you are ready for more grippers.

If the gripper feels like a toy:
Fear not! You have still made a sound investment. If you find that you can easily put infinite reps on the Trainer, we are here to tell you this gripper reciprocates with infinite utility. Dave Morton (one of the 5 men who have certified on the CoC #4) famously told IronMind in 2003 that the Trainer is his favorite and most-used gripper. No matter how strong you get, you need to warm up and cool down. You can also use the Trainer for active recovery. Consider our Advanced Set if you're ready to exploit your colossal base of grip strength.     

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