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New Rating Tags Coming

The company that supplies our bottle caps is now coating them with a "chrome" finish that flakes off when stamped.  This forced us to go looking for a replacement tag and we're really happy with the new option.

It will be a 1" anodized aluminum tag with 8 color options!  You'll be able to choose from:


These tags should stamp with less deforming than the bottle caps and the stamped numbers will be filled with a contrasting white lacquer for better visibility of the rating.

The best news of all?  The Rating Service will remain at the same $5/gripper price!

Look for this change in the coming week. 

Written by MATT CANNON — July 30, 2013

New Product | Zenith #4

This baby is a beast.  Our estimated rating is 180 pounds.  Juha Harju from Finland has closed one and estimated the strength in the same range: about 175-180.  He felt it was harder to close than his IronMind #3.5.  

Check out Zenith #4!

Written by MATT CANNON — June 29, 2013

Huge Update to Warren Tetting!

We are excited to bring you a huge update to the Warren Tetting collection!

All Mash Monster Replicas are Now Pre-rated: Not only are they all pre-rated, the price has been reduced to $40. For each level you'll be able to choose from a drop-down of available rated inventory. While the specs are exact, springs vary and there is overlap between levels. First come, first served! As grippers are purchased we'll rate more and update the store.

Updated Pricing on Heavy Grippers: All extended handles at all levels are now the same price, $32.95. Also for the standard grippers the Pro and World Class have been dropped to $21.95 to match pricing on the other grippers. Price on the legendary HERCULES has also been dropped significantly.

Aluminum Extended Handles: Warren Tetting is switching to a smooth aluminum handle for the extended handle grippers. This will bring down the cost even more and also solves a manufacturing issue for him that the steel handles are very time consuming to drill. If you want the steel handle, you better order from our existing inventory because there are no more reorders. The aluminum handles will be here very soon!

Check out the Warren Tetting Collection

Written by MATT CANNON — April 14, 2013

Manus Grips are here!

We are proud to offer the premier thick bar adapter on the market.  Manus grips have many unique features that make them the best choice.  

Link to product page. 

Written by MATT CANNON — March 26, 2013

User Accounts Available

We learned this week that customers were not able to create accounts because there was no "Sign Up" button!

Well, now there is an option to "Sign Up" and create an account.  It's at the top of the main page.  

The user account stores information such as your billing and shipping address to make reordering easy.  Credit card and PayPal information is not stored.  

Take advantage!

Written by MATT CANNON — February 27, 2013

Ratings | Zenith

In the scope of our store, we feel that the best representation for the difficulty as compared to a standard CoC gripper is to align the strap with the middle of the gripper handle. Remember that IronMind has different manufacturer ratings.  

As an example, if you rate a Zenith #3 at the end of the handle, the rating is well below 100 pounds. By aligning the strap with the trade dress in the middle of the handle, the rating goes to about 125 pounds. When closed in the hand, we feel this is a good estimation of the required closing power as compared to our other ratings. As with all gripper ratings, this is just a single data point which estimates strength. This also solves another problem of safety.  When using the end of the handle, the strap easily glides right off the end of the revolutionary barrel-shaped handle. It stays put in the middle much better.  

Written by MATT CANNON — January 19, 2013

Christmas Shipping

We saw a commercial for the United States Postal Service that said Priority packages should be shipped by December 20th to ensure Christmas delivery.  Just a "heads up" to get your holiday orders placed!  

Written by MATT CANNON — December 16, 2012

Zenith Inventory Posted!

The Zenith inventory has posted just in the nick of time of holiday shopping!  Supply is limited so secure your set now.


Written by MATT CANNON — December 14, 2012

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