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Coin Lift

A challenging "key pinch" exercise.

The key pinch is versatile pinch variant with real-world application named for the way a key is held and used to unlock.  This type of strength is equally valuable in sports as in the garage.  Recall the times you tried to unscrew a bolt with your fingers but couldn't get it started.  That was likely a lack of strength or pain tolerance in the key pinch movement and the Coin Lift will help with both. 

The coin is made from aluminum and is 1-1/2" in diameter and about 1/8" thick.  Very similar to the old Eisenhower silver dollars.  The sturdy chord can be attached to a loading pin or looped/snagged/clipped to anything you can imagine.      

Challenge yourself!  Lifting 50 pounds with this implement is very respectable.   

Consider pairing with the Barrel Strength Systems loading pin


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