Cannon PowerWorks

CRUSH! Total Gripper Domination

Discover secrets to gripper training that will improve your hand strength and grip endurance, and will get you ready for any certification.


CRUSH! is a two DVD set featuring the following modules:

  1. Bulletproofing the Hands and Lower Arms
  2. Types of Grippers
  3. Gripper Training Basics
  4. Strength From Start to Finish
  5. Addressing Weaknesses
  6. Advanced Training Techniques
  7. Other Important Gripper Training Concepts
  8. BONUS Gripper Training Program
  9. BONUS Gripper Rating Demonstration
  10. BONUS Top 10 Training Mistakes
  11. BONUS Top 3 Gripper Training Myths
This product explores every aspect of gripper training you need to know in order to improve your crushing grip strength and certify in the major gripper certifications. Be amongst the best in the world once you watch this awesome video!
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