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Save a grip of money or grab a collector's item!

Product photos are of the actual gripper available were applicable. Photos of any gripper are available upon request by emailing  Prices reflect factors such as gripper rarity, collectible status and condition. Grippers will generally not have original packaging unless acquired as such. Photos of any offering available upon request. Each gripper is posted with a general condition indicator:

Great = New or like new, possibly only lacking packaging.  
Good = Some marks on knurling but it still has bite. Possible scuffs on spring. GHPs might not have stickers.   
Fair = Possible knurling knockdown or obvious signs of wear, handles might feel smoother and possible flash rust on spring. Fair condition grippers will always be totally functional and restored to the extent possible.

Additional Indicators 
Rare = Out of production, hard to get, or possibly an exceedingly uncommon rating such as 135 or 190.  
= Condition is with respect to common examples from the same era. A Great condition vintage gripper could have small defects, but would be in superior condition than what is common. 

Rating Service
If the used gripper is listed as rated, this is a new rating taken after the gripper was received, cleaned, oiled, and restored by Cannon PowerWorks. A new tag is also included.  

Filing Service
If the used gripper is listed as filed, the filing was done by Cannon PowerWorks. Sometimes we receive used grippers which have already been filed. In these cases, we will clean up the edge with our now-famous, beautiful cut.  

Email to if you're interested in selling us your grippers.  We will want a list of the grippers and photos.  Pricing starts at about 50% of retail for Great condition grippers.