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Made by Barrell Strength Systems in the USA. 

Watch this great video where fitness guru Jujimufu and some insanely strong climbers try out the Coin Lift! 

The Coil Lift is a versatile variant of the "key pinch" movement. Key pinch is named for the way you hold a key while turning it in a lock.  

  • Lightly textured aluminum
  • 1-1/2" diameter and 1/8" thick
  • Very similar to an Eisenhower silver dollar (pictured)
  • Sturdy 275 lbs test tactical cord can be attached to a loading pin or looped/snagged/clipped to anything you can imagine (color varies)       

Challenge yourself! 40 pounds on the Coin Lift is very respectable.   

Consider pairing with the an Aluminum Loading Pin or Soft Loading Pin


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