Custom Choker Gripper

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A custom, modified gripper for the serious grip enthusiast. This innovative choker design allows you to safely and easily adjust the gripper spread for choker training. The most common way to choke a gripper is with a hose clamp. However hose clamps can pinch your hand, come off unexpectedly and also mar the gripper handles. This heavy-duty modification by grip legend Aaron Corcorran solves all those problems.  The craftsmanship is supreme.   

Price includes the gripper and modification. Any inventory posted is completed and in stock for immediate shipping. In other words, this is not just a service added to a gripper.      

The Rating Service can be added to this product.  

NOTE: Our recommendation is to use this product to train reps, not negatives (although it can be used for negatives). For example, if you are training towards closing the #3, we recommend getting a Choked #3. Email us at for a recommendation or tips on how to use this product.