Ivanko Super Gripper

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The ORIGINAL for forearm growth!

Ivanko Super Gripper is the original adjustable grip strengthener made from quality materials. This fully adjustable grip and forearm tool has smooth action and is supremely comfortable for high-rep sets. 

  • 55 increments of adjustable resistance
  • Works all muscles of the hand & forearm
  • Perfect for beginners yet will challenge any athlete

Cannon PowerWorks has used our ratings system to gather data from all 55 possible settings. Here are a few different ways to easily find desired ratings:

Top the Charts!

Click here to see the data for all 55 levels in one convenient chart. 

The Four Factor

Set the first spring of the Super Gripper to level 4. Any level chosen for the second spring will result in a rating x10 for that level.     

Multiplier Mania

If you feel like getting nerdy about ratings, we have crunched the numbers! Each Spring 1 position has a consistent multiplier that can be used to calculate the rating based on the position of Spring 2. 

Please note that the location of Spring 1 sets the multiplier, and the level of Spring 2 is used with the multiplier. Spring 2 must be at a higher level than Spring 1. For example, if Spring 1 is set to Level 8 then the multiplier is 13. Positioning Spring 2 at level 11 will result in the rating 11 x 13 = 143.