Leather Bending Wraps

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Seriously thick leather for seriously big steel. 

Leather wraps start out very stiff and take a few bends before you can get a tight wrap. Leather offers great durability, the most pain-dampening thickness and superior puncture protection. Leather is a heavier wrap as compared to lighter suede. 

4" x 10" leather bending wraps
Made from 2.0 to 2.3 mm thick cowhide
Current supply is BROWN 

Learn how to wrap short steel

For more information about how to wrap up a piece of steel, I recommend Jan Heller's wrapping tutorial.

Join the community

The EatChalkGetBig website is a treasure trove of bending resources. There are podcast links, steel wrapping tutorials, information about rating steel difficulty, a collection of articles from community all-stars, steel progression charts and more. CHECK OUT THE RESOURCE PAGE.