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Standard Grippers are named for increasingly hard metals. Nickel is a versatile metal used in a wide range of applications from batteries to armor to coins and anti-corrosive coatings. Nickel is essential to building the infrastructure of your training set! 

Nickel is unlike other Standard grippers. Three different mountings were used to purposefully make the strength vary. In general, as the grippers get harder, they just keep getting wider. 

  • Wider spreads
  • Rating and spread noted*
  • Pinned handles with aggressive knurling
  • Uncoated oil-tempered spring
  • All Nickel grippers have a 0.283" spring
  • Made in America by small businesses
  • One handle stamped with SG logo
  • Other handle stamped with Ni chemical symbol for Nickel

*Spread measurement taken casually and meant to be a buyer's guide. This is not a specification we are meeting, just a reference.  

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