Pony Pinch Kit

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Simply the best dynamic thumb trainer. 

Our Pony Pinch Kit is a simple and innovative homemade alteration to the tried-and-true spring clamp.  Pinch trainers are often expensive, heavy and cumbersome to use.  Spring clamps are an economic solution and easy to use, however many people find them too hard for one hand but clumsy to use with two hands due to lack of room on the handle.  Our plate attachments solve all these problems.  There are also two screw posts to add rubber bands for variable strength.  The options for dynamic thumb training are simply endless.    

Pony Pinch Kit includes:

  • Heavy duty 2" spring clamp
  • 2 plate attachments with hardware
  • 2 screw posts for adding rubber bands
  • Rubber bands of various strengths

Our recommendation is to wrap the plates with athletic tape or wear light gloves while using the Pony Pinch.  The corners of the plates are pointy although we do take care to grind them off.