Filing+Rating Service

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Add this service to your cart, then update the quantity to match the number of grippers to be filed and rated.  


Why is filing beneficial?

  • Train beyond the normal range
  • Builds devastating closing power
  • Works as a "plateau buster"
Rating service includes the following from Cannon PowerWorks:
  • Oiling and cleaning the spring
  • 30+ full closes
  • Anodized aluminum ID tag with lacquer-filled stamps
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Please note that the Filing Service permanently alters the gripper. Grippers are always filed first, then rated. Our custom filing process leaves a beautiful finish on the cut surface of the gripper handle.

If not all the grippers on your order will be filed/rated then you can specify which gripper to file/rate in the notes at checkout. You can also specify which color tag goes with each gripper if multiple colors were ordered. Email if you have questions.


Grippers in a sealed package (IronMind, GHP) must be opened for the rating and filing service.  You will still receive the packaging with your gripper.