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Add this service to your cart, then update the quantity to match the number of grippers to be filed and rated.  


Why is filing beneficial?

  • Train beyond the normal range
  • Builds devastating closing power
  • Works as a "plateau buster"

Rating service includes the following from Cannon PowerWorks:
  • Oiling and cleaning the spring
  • 30+ full closes
  • Anodized aluminum ID tag with lacquer-filled stamps
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Please note that the Filing Service permanently alters the gripper. Grippers are always filed first, then rated. Our custom filing process leaves a beautiful finish on the handle surface of the gripper handle. Grippers are not symmetrical and there is skew when they are closed. For this reason the Filing Service is optimized for the most common right-hand grippers. Left-hand grippers can be filed, but it is not recommended. It is a better result to use a filed right-hand gripper in your left hand.  

If not all the grippers on your order will be filed/rated then you can specify which gripper to file/rate in the notes at checkout. You can also specify which color tag goes with each gripper if multiple colors were ordered. Email if you have questions.

Grippers in a sealed package (IronMind, GHP) must be opened for the rating and filing service.  You will still receive the packaging with your gripper.  


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