Setting Blocks

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Make it official!

Setting blocks are used in contests, certification attempts and training to establish a minimum starting width before closing a gripper. Getting used to a setting block in training is crucial for success when it matters. Prepare yourself with a quality setting block so nothing is left to chance!

Available in 2 sizes 

  • 20mm x 30mm rectangle 
  • 1" x 1.5" rectangle for variable widths including 1.5" to train for the popular GHP certification
  • Check out Skeleton Key for a combination option!

Functional and Fancy

  • Slightly texturized to be less slick and hold chalk
  • Longer for improved handling
  • Lightweight aluminum 

 Train the way you compete.

*Photographed gripper not included. Some blocks no longer have stickers because, well, we ran out and the cost skyrocketed so we eliminated them to keep the price of the blocks lower. Click here for credit cards!