Unobtainium [Ub]

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As the name implies, this gripper is fictionally hard and outside obtainable human limits.

Simply massive in scale, the proportions of Unobtainium are unlike any other gripper. The true size is apparent when pictured next to Standard Tungsten. 

  • There is a limited supply of this collector's item
  • Each gripper is serialized 1 though 99 in the order purchased
  • Serial number is stamped on the top of the handle 
  • 0.500" spring and 5" handles made from 1" diameter stock 
  • Weighs 1.75 pounds!
  • Standard sharp knurling

Obtain the unobtainable before it's too late!

This gripper is a novelty and cannot be rated. While Unobtainium is a functional gripper, it would be dangerous to close the spring by any means other than attempting with your hands. The steel spring is so strong that the handles would likely deform or break loose before the gripper actually closed.