GHP Level 7

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GHP Level 7 features

  • Average rating: 150 lbs
  • Variable knurling (sharper on palm than fingers)*
  • Rounded bevel on handle
  • Polished and lubricated spring
  • Made in the USA

*GHP handles have multiple iterations which include both rounded and angled bevels. Generally there is an identification sticker on one handle and either a GHP brand stamp on the other, or a "made in USA" sticker.   


Gillingham High Performance assembles grippers in small batches with strict quality control to ensure consistency at every level. GHP grippers were designed with variable knurling for a unique feel. The palm-side knurling is slightly sharper than the finger side to help the gripper seat in your hand.


Watch our customer Nathaniel Brous close this gripper!

Watch our customer from Italy dominate this gripper!

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